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You enter a room only to find it empty except for a window, an old mattress, and a strange creature. You are sure that its eyes just glowed brighter with life.

THE CREATURE is a visual novel created in Ren'Py as a personal, experimental project. There is an overall story with different endings depending on the choices.

It was a challenge making the animations, text and overall format work in Ren'Py, but it was a fun learning process. I removed the textbox and had the dialogue appear around the scene. For each different location, I created different styles to change the formats of the choices and text. I also used videos for the backgrounds and most of the character appearances.

Time to play through all options is around 3-10 minutes depending on how fast you read or go through the options.

Available in two languages: English and PT-BR

Game features:

  • 4 endings
  • 3 locations
  • Simple style in dialogue and style
  • Small animations of the backgrounds and character

Music credits:

Translation credits:

  • Translation for PT-BR by @magnusnoos
  • Translation for Русский/Russian by @bizdick

Thanks for looking at my short visual novel project!


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TheCreature-1.0-pc.zip 91 MB
TheCreature-1.0-mac.zip 73 MB
ACriatura-1.0-pc.zip 91 MB
ACriatura-1.0-mac.zip 73 MB
Создание-1.0-pc.zip 135 MB
Создание-1.0-mac.zip 84 MB

Development log


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I enjoyed the game, I was looking for something simple and sweet and I found it.....but I have questions.........


I’m glad you enjoyed playing! Thank you so much! <3 What questions did you have? :D

Well, spoiler alert, but is the creature alive or dead?  Is the reason he cant fall because he's a ghost?  And di his friends somehow trap him in the opening room?  If so, how can he leave now?  Or is it more of a metaphor for abandonment in the midst of crippling depression?


When I wrote the story, it was that the creature is supernatural kind of like a cryptid. He’s alive and can’t fall because he can float off the ground. The trapping is more kinda magical, similar to a salt circle. His “friends” sealed the building so that he can’t leave (because the creature looked different and creepy) but once you’ve opened the door, it broke the seal and he can leave.

I had in mind a story about not judging a book by its cover but I’ve heard other theories which are really good. The metaphor you said works too even if I didn’t think about it while writing it :)

Thanks for the questions! I hope this answers them :D

ı love them so much I really like the true ending made my day (night actually) :D


Aw thank you! <3 I’m glad you liked that ending :D

This game was so cute but mysterious at the same time!

I love them sm omg 😭

Thank you so much! :D I’m glad you enjoyed my game! Thanks for playing and sharing your playthrough <3

what a lovely little story!! i got to make a new friend :) the animations are gorgeous, what a homey feeling this game gave me. good job!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for playing! I’m so glad you like it :D

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They were so precious! I got the Good and the True ending, and couldn't bear to get anything harsher! I just couldn't be mean to them, the precious bby ;;

You did a great job on the art and animations! 'specially the shading. 

Spoiler: I'm so happy they get to have a true friend, after being abandoned by their old ones...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for playing the game! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D


Such a lovely and relaxing game! I felt horrible when I chose all of the more harsh choices to reach the bad ending. Thank you for making such an easily lovable charecter.

Thank you so much for playing and for your comment! (*^.^*) I'm glad you liked the character and the game :D

Hello! I played your game and i found it short and sweet! Im still just starting with making youtube videos so I apologise for the quality of it!



Thank you so much! Your video was very nice and fun to watch! Thanks for playing and sharing your video :D

Nice game. :) I was a little spooked at first but the creature turned out to be a good soul, and in the end I found all 4 endings. Liked the soothing soundtrack too.


I'm glad you liked the game :D Thank you so much for playing even if it looked spooky at first :)

Was a beautiful and sweet story and game! The art and music really went together and melded into the game to make it that much more engaging and enthralling. Was super fun to play and even had some deeper meanings to it (I think?)

Thank you so much for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed playing. I didn’t intend for it to have deeper meanings but it’s awesome that people are finding them :D

Your gameplay was also super fun to watch!

This was such a sweet story, the music and art are both beautiful and I loved getting to know the Creature. 


Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed playing :D

It was a good game i love the surreal art here is my little gameplay of it

I’m glad you enjoyed the art! Thank you so much for playing and posting your gameplay :D

That was interesting to say the least. I didn't think this creature would be gentle until I figured out (I think) its story.

Keep up the good work AnizyArt!

Here's my gameplay for all to explore, Enjoy :)!

Your gameplay was great! It was really helpful for me too as I said in the YouTube comment I left. Thanks so much for sharing :D

I appreciate it and keep up the good work! Hope to see more from you ^^

Thank you! I have more projects in progress and I'm excited to share them once finished :D

Perfect! I'll be waiting to see what's next from you :)

hi, i took your game for being short and made by renpy to do a translation test for PT-BR for future other games that i intend to translate that use renpy, i'm finished and i'll leave the .rpy files here in case you want available to Brazilians who want to play.



This is awesome! Good work on doing a translation test and thanks for sharing the .rpy files.

I'm intending to use them to make another copy of the game but with those files to make the game available to Brazilians. I'll add more credit on the menu and on the info screens so that your name appears not just at the endings :D

thanks :D

When I just looked at the game I thought it was a horror, but everything turned out to be the opposite, an excellent and kind game with good music and choices!

Thank you for playing! and thanks for the comment :D

i absolutely love the music, and the art style is so nice :))

Thank you for playing and for your comment :D

It was really cute and nice


Thank you for playing! I appreciate your comment :D


This is so beautiful!! The sound design and art are both absolutely lovely and match each other well. I love that you took the idea of a black-shadow indie horror monster and made the player feel compassion for them. Thank you for making this

I really appreciate your comment! Thank you for playing :D